Sunday, July 10, 2011

History Images Of The Harry Potter

The year was 1999.Asi the magical world of Harry Potter. My mother's best friend, and he gave me biook called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I thought it would be silly book, but it was seriously considering throwing eggs at my mother, who had read good things about it. From that day my life changed forever. I literally devoured the book, more pages, hungry and ate all that they could generate a book and enjoy every bit of magic. It was only a matter of time before I found out that it was the second Harry Potter book series. I managed to get their hands on the first and finished it within a few hours. I remember the excitement of the upcoming book in any way to create, and me and my brother, my cousins​​, the first book to look at logistics.

There were times when the pinnacle of power meant to get your hands on the new HP book before his friends could. There were times when the HP was the ultimate drug, in-thing. Having grown up in a series, it was a great battle when the last book was published, but it was a happy feeling, because the movie franchise was still good for 2 to the left. Now, if this movie is called as "generation motion picture," fills my heart with all the passion and nurtured the unit I have ever Harry Potter and all related characters. When I look back on seven books and the myriad of beautiful moments in the books has given me, I understand, Harry Potter has made ​​me believe in magic again .. that intangible feeling that we all have and share the spirit of friendship, and true and brave victory reminds me of the dark road, and entice you to its decisions, much more than our abilities, that determine who you are. I think that those who are able to write this without getting all teary eyes, not a fan of Harry Potter.

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