Tuesday, July 12, 2011

South Actress Tamanna Showing Her Navel in Half Saree

Tamanna one of the highest salaries of actors in Tamil cinema right now is to concentrate on his acting career, and says he wants to win the national award. "I have no hurry to get married I have just been able to stabilize the film industry I want to support the view that I have served here .." The actor, who gave two hits this year - "Ayan" and "Padikkathavan", told reporters here. "Winning the national award for best actress is my dream.

In fact, I want to win awards for all categories - Glamour and to serve as a prize to fight for it, "added the actress, who is preparing for the release of The proposals were "Kandein Kaadhalai".She is willing to compromise your fee, the director of services for a script that can fetch award.Tamannaah he also believes that actors should not hide its age." I feel that the actor should not be afraid to reveal their true age. Age let the other person will be aware of their experience, maturity and tact, "says 19-year-old.

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