Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lisa Ray Says 'OH MY GOLD'

Lisa Ray
Women love jewelry, and now brings a whole new series for TLC, which is an irresistible blend of gold, diamonds, pearls and gemstones. TLC - Favorite Indian lifestyle channel announced the launch of "OH MY GOLD" hosts the well-known actress and model to find out Ray.

The mind hosting a "OH MY GOLD," said Lisa "It was specially designed to show me, because it has everything I like it was a celebration for me because I traveled a lot in it I'm sure people like to show everyone loves jewelry. "
Lisa Ray
"I had a very superficial kind of information is the Indian jewelry. But this show, I came to know many things. It will be interesting to know why people like gold because it is not only logical but also for economic reasons, the people buy gold, "she concluded.

Add Princess seemed, he had dressed jadau Set that contains a large chain, long earrings and bangles heavy.

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