Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ashley Tisdale's Bright Blonde Summertime Hairdo

Changes in the summer, it seems that we are in deep thought, Beverly Hills, CA and Tracy salon for a week in Byron, Ashley Tisdale in Sunday (10 July) a visit.

After getting his hat to her stylist, "Mom Sharpay Great Adventure" star worked very bright blonde hairdo emerged from the game instead of beauty.

Tweeting about switching their view, Miss Tisdale wrote, "Tracy is getting my hair done with you Boy I do not want to know"

Ashley this trip, the first week, recouping a bit of a mistake because they are feeling under the weather.

Fortunately improvement, Ashley wrote many of the fans who sent good wishes, he tweeted on Saturday (9 July) are "Thanks for all ur sweet messages, I feel a lot better

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