Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vidya Balan Movie The Dirty Picture HQ Wallpapers

Vidya Balan, despite of her Fatty Figure, somehow manage to get this movie – Dirty Picture, where she is playing some “Dirty” role. Of course, this can be a great selection according to the story , because we have known Milin Luthiria for his successful movies in past & its star cast. 

They have recently released some photos including Hot Look of Vidya Balan playing in a artificial lake full of lotus flowers & it looks fresh overall. Don’t wanna guess or predict anything from this picture as I am really sarcastic about – “Vidya” Factor. Then there is Tushar Kapoor * Nasseuddin Shan in early 80′s look – Tusshar Kapoor looks no manly even after he have this have mustache in this picture.

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