Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mission Impossible 4 actress Paula Patton Return in bikini body

Just one year after the birth of their first child, the actress Paula Patton in Mission Impossible 4 slipped back to a string bikini.Los Angeles native got her husband, R & B singer Robin Thicke, today, as he strutted around the beach in Miami, Florida.Wearing a little black string bikini and Chanel sunglasses, Paula, 35, showed off their curves, as he frolicked in the water.

Later drew svelte star looks admiration as he took a break and work on your tan, relaxed umbrella.In April 2010, during his Grammy Award-winning actress and her husband who is the son of actor Alan Thicke, welcomed their first child, a son named Julian Fuego. Paula is in Miami this weekend to promote his latest film, on the 15th Annual American Black Film Festival.The actress won critical acclaim in 2009 breakout role in the teacher's gritty, Oscar-winning star of the film Precious.The who attended the University of Southern California film school is the last time her career, she played May soar.In urban comedy jumping the Broom price of only $ 6 million to make and earned almost $ 40 million.

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