Monday, July 11, 2011

Android Phones Wallpaper and Wiki

Android as an operating system, middleware key, and the software stack for mobile devices. Google, Inc software, Android Inc., developer, bought in early 2005.  Android mobile operating system based on Linux kernel programming.  Android operating system, currently the world's best selling smartphone platform.

Android developers writing ("Apps") applications that extend the functionality of the components of a larger community. Apps for Android are currently available in more than 200,000  Android Market application online, run by Google, however, any third-party apps can be downloaded from the store sites. Mainly in the Java language developers to write, to Google, Java  developed by the device control libraries.

Google, Android code released under the Apache License, a free software and open source license Open-source Android software stack, the Java-based Java virtual machine running on a win Dalvik compiled library core features, object-oriented application framework for Java applications running on it. C, the surface manager, OpenCore  Media Framework SQLite relational database management system, OpenGL ES 2.0 3-D graphics API, WebKit layout engine, SGL graphics engine, SSL and bionic libc library written in.

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